Welcome to Code for Life. I hope you get something out of my modest efforts to educate and entertain.

This blog is a mirror of sorts of my blog Code for life hosted at http://sciblogs.co.nz/. At some point in time, I’ll decide to whether or not syndicate this mirror to their site. The only real difference for users is that my commenting policy is a more open than the current commenting policy at sciblogs.co.nz (where you have to login in order to comment) and that I may write the odd non-science story here that I won’t present at  sciblogs.co.nz. The odd post might appear in a different order, too. The other difference, I guess, is that I get to fiddle with the styles!

What’s with the name of the blog?

Code4Life was a name I considered for my consultancy, BioinfoTools. It plays on a number of things related to my work. It plays on a whole lot of things relevant to my work and what I write about:

  • My work involves programming (coding) for life sciences (molecular biology and genetics).
  • The data I examine and write algorithms for are the sequences of bases in DNA (genes, genomes), the amino acid sequences of proteins (enzymes, hormone receptors, etc.) and the three-dimensional atomic structures of proteins. These are the codes in life, the “information base” of biology and life. (If readers are interested in an introduction to this, let me know.)
  • It can mean moral codes and other “rules” people guide their lives with. I won’t be writing about this much about this in the sense of rules for life, but I may look at role of honest skepticism, logic and testing in science.
  • You can stretch it to be about writing about life sciences, writing being a code of sorts.
  • It has nothing to do with The Code for Life, an album of the heavy metal band Warrior. I am not a fan of heavy metal.

The banner photograph

My current banner image is temporary; I hope to later replace with something reflecting the title of the blog. In the meantime the image shows where I used to do my science. I work from a home office most of the time and until very recently I was based in a village in the Otago peninsula, near the Otago harbour. The village is near the right of the image. (The image is open source, obtained from wikimedia and edited using GraphicConverter v6.5.1.)


Most articles will target a general audience. I’ll try remember to let you know if I think an article is a bit geeky for general readers; once in a while I may write assuming a little basic background for those with deeper interests.

Likely topic areas include:

  • Genetics, genomics and evolution. Stunning new findings pour out each week…
  • Human biology, esp. cognitive neuroscience and rare diseases or disabilities. The workings of our minds is fascinating stuff and it’s intriguing to explore others’ lives.
  • “What science is”, what the basic terms mean, how to read a report on science, sorting out the good stuff from the bad.
  • Science and the media. (Journalists, publishers and editors take note!)
  • “Natural remedies” vs. science-based medicine. The naïve presentation of some of the “woo” out there by various people (including, sadly, a considerable number of media reports) is appalling.
  • Vaccinations. (No “flame wars”, please. Seriously.)
  • Issues within science, especially within New Zealand. Science is a great enterprise, but there’s always room for improvement.
  • Developments in computational biology (my profession).
  • Computing & computers (the tools of my trade).
  • Plain old ruminations. We all have our navel-gazing days…

Please feel free to ask questions and suggest topics you’d like covered. If possible, I’d like to try base a few posts every month on a subject that a reader has brought up.

I don’t claim to be some gifted philosopher or expert on matters far and wide, in fact I’m frequently embarrassed by my sheer stupidity… (Aren’t we all?) Some of my articles will be off my specialists expertise, in fact probably most will and I’ll let you know. Readers are most welcome to correct any errors but please substantiate your claims.

My background

By training I’m a computational biologist, a biologist who uses computers (algorithms, statistics, etc.) to explore biological problems, and who develops computer tools for biologists to explore data from genes, genomes and proteins. I work as an independent scientist through my consultancy, BioinfoTools,
contracting to research groups and biotech companies.

A more commonly-known name for the field is ‘bioinformatics’ but strictly-speaking it originally applied to a subset of the field. Some of us who started before the “genome era” prefer the computational biology label, for reasons I’ll explain sometime… ‘BioinfoTools’ is a contraction of ‘bioinformatics tools’.

I have strong interests in science communication and am open to writing contracts or other work (e.g. editing) in this area.


Journalists, editors & publishers, a gentle reminder: the material on my blog is copyright. You are encouraged to contact me if you wish to use this material.


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