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Sales-fest or science?

15 October 2009

Like many biologists and medical professionals, I’m disturbed by the plainly wrong and misleading nature of anti-vaccine and natural remedy claims I’ve seen.

An advertised “Natural Health Expo” to be held this weekend in New Zealand has caused me to revisit how an earlier blog article on Crank “scientific” conferences suggested one simple test for credibility of scientific claims at these events.



TV psychics: not in the real world, please

15 October 2009

Before getting back to science pieces, I’d like to join fellow sciblings Petter Griffith and Mike Kilpatrick in expressing disappointment over TVNZ’s encouragement of the services of their “TV psychic” for the family of missing toddler Aisling Symes.

Entertainment often plays on fantasies, asking viewers to temporarily accept some clearly fictional plot devices. There’s a place for “psychic abilities” as “super” powers to make a central character be more than a mere mortal for harmless fun.

But encouraging the use of a “psychic” to assist in a serious, real-world, matter?

Not in the real world, please.